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Fishing Report
January, 2019
  Fishing Lake Cumberland this winter has been on and off from day to day.  The deeper baits are working some days, 35-40ft down, and shallow baits other days 10-20ft deep.  Typical winter patterns back in the creeks, from mid creek to all the way in the heads of shallow water.  Finding the stripers has not been the problem this winter, finding hungry actively feeding stripers has been the problem.  Baitfish can be found just about anywhere, and they are thriving again this year.  That's a double edged sword- great that the game fish have plenty to eat but bad when you're looking for hungry game fish. Right now the creeks are full of shad.  Stripers are healthier than ever and are growing fast and feeding hard.  Running lines out with 1 and .5 oz weights, presenting shad from the surface to 40'deep to start off, then adjusting depths depending on which depths are productive.  If none are productive, go Bottom fishing the flats in the creeks.  Live bait is the ticket, and the  ale-wive shad are best.  Shiners work great on the actively feeding stripers.   The lake level has them healthier and fighting hard again!!! - ripping drag making good runs before we are able to turn them!

Water temp at the surface is down to 50 degrees on the main lake and 48 up in the creeks.
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