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When is the best time of the year to catch Stripers?
Striper fishing is good year round anytime of the day, or night, in almost any weather condition.  Every month has their good and bad days.  The record Striper on Lake Cumberland was December 11, 1985 - 58 lbs. 4oz.  Early morning is usually the best, though some days high noon may be when the action starts.   I've charted and mapped out moon phases and while the best times may be for most game fish, not really so with the Striper.  There is no rhyme or reason, and luck plays a role in the quest.  Barometric changes has a different effect on Stripers.  The springtime is always great due to the warmer water and heavy feeding before the spawn, with many back to back catches and the occasional 2 or 3 on at once.  During the spawn, the feeding schools break up as the spawning fish seek open water where the eggs are released, and can be seen by the thousands rolling over each other on the surface in long lines of fish.  The males still feed heavily through the spawn, but the females will not feed for 3-7 days.  After the spawn, generally in May, the schools start to reform, back to back catches, multiple fish on, & sometimes all 10 rods go down with fish on!!!  This can happen anytime during the summer and fall.

Are Stripers the only fish you guide for?
Hillbilly Delux is geared for Stripers, however, it is your day on the lake and if bass, walleye, (the walleye took a big hit during the drought of 2012, the walleye fishery is in recovery, the re-stocking efforts should catch up by 2019)catfish, are what you're after, that is fine.  Combination days are a good change of pace at times.  Note however, no other fish on Lake Cumberland fights like the Striper, it is the ultimate sport fish in the lake.  You may want to bring your own favorite rod for flipping or ultra light for pan fishing...

What's a good way to prepare/cook striper?
*Striper Nuggets - One of the best ways to cook striper is to cut your fillets into nugget size chunks and bathe in scrambled egg and milk.  Prepare your batter with Ritz or Townhouse crackers crushed or food processed, add in parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and cajun spice. (&/or any other favorite seasoning).  Roll egg coated nuggets in prepared batter and fry to a golden brown. Deep fried -or- pan fried (us olive oil to pan fry a healthier meal)
*Poor man's shrimp - Soak fillets in 7up or sprite at least 12 hrs, preferably 24hrs, bake or broil with butter, dip bite size chunks in melted butter.(add garlic powder to baste)
*Blackened Striper - Butterfly the thick fillet in half to make thin strips, blacken seasons and hot pan fry.
*Civiche (Mexican style) per 1lb of striped bass: 1 big juicy lime, 1tbsp of ses salt, 1/4 fine chop onion, 2 medium jalapenos (from the can), 1/4 cup vinegar from the jalapeno can, 2 small tomatos (chop), 1tbsp of cooking oil (prefer canola), 10 stems of cilantro, 1 avocado - Chop the fish into really small cubes, add lime juice, vinegar (from jalapeno can), oil, sea salt, onion and jalapeno (both fine chop) You are going to let it cure for about 3-4 hrs in the refrigerator. When you are ready to serve it add tomato and cilantro(fine chopped).  Serve on top of tostada with guacamole (smashed avocado) Enjoy!
*For the grill -or- campfires, the foil packet with butter, your favorite veggies and seasonings always turns out great, just be sure not to overcook. (Another great way is lemon pepper then wrapped in large leaf lettuce or cabbage)
*Stuffed Striper - butterfly large fillet, spread cream cheese, scallions,chunks of shrimp, and seasons. (Recommended seasoning: 2 tsp. each garlic powder, salt, pepper - 1.5 tsp each ground mustard, onion powder, paprika - 1 tsp. rubbed sage - 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper).  Put back together and wrap with thin sliced bacon, use toothpics to hold. Grill until bacon is done, enjoy!

Can I bring my kids?
Of course!  In fact, kids under 15 and under (non-residents also) do not even need a fishing license.  Hillbilly Delux gives  youth 15 and under a $25 discount per youth.

How does the Turkey Striper Combo days work?
Sorry Turkey Hunts are no longer offered.  Jamestown Marina forced us to increase our commercial liability policy, in turn increasing the premiums.  The "hunting package" premium increase was so great that we just cannot justify the cost.

What is Down-rodding?
Usually mid to late summer when the Stripers start schooling in the deeper waters cruising around the deeper areas of the main lake, the trolling motor is used to keep the boat in a hovering position straight above these spots.  Lines are set off each corner of the boat straight down using 3oz. - 4oz. weights offering a sweet buffet of bait.  The pontoon works great for this!

Is the Dam fixed? YES!


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